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Guitarist Robert launches lockdown YouTube channel

"It's a cliche but music is a universal language and ain't no lockdown gonna stop it!”

Musician Robert Jones, one of our College Custodians, has launched a YouTube music channel to beat the lockdown blues.

Robert, who has worked at St John’s for three years, is currently a daytime Porter during the pandemic – but by night he swaps his College keys for playing a different kind of key on his guitar.

College Custodian Robert Jones
Robert Jones is keeping live music fans entertained during the lockdown.

An accomplished percussionist as well, Robert has previously been spotted performing on his own at open-mic/jam nights around Cambridgeshire, or with friends as a duet or small ensemble. But with lockdown bringing live music to a halt for now, he’s taken to YouTube with his ‘Jonesy’ music channel to keep spirits up.

Robert said: “I have been regularly posting short videos on my Facebook/Instagram pages since lockdown but I thought I'd combine everything into one channel to make it easier to upload and for others to access if they choose. It is a cliche but music is a universal language and ain't no lockdown gonna stop it!”

Inspired by such guitar legends as Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Robert can be seen performing a mix of his own compositions and other artists’ work, many requested by friends. He records backing tracks on his small home recording gear to create a ‘bigger’ sound, which helps when playing solo.

The self-taught musician, who in normal times can be found in his front of house position at The Great Gate lodge and patrolling in and around College, has found his music channel has helped him to keep tuned into performing live, ready for when he can once again hit the local live venues.

He said: “It is easy to become lazy and not practice, learn or write new things, especially if not being able to perform live. So doing these videos has given me a focus. The channel is not monetised, just a bit of fun in these weird times.”

Switch on to Robert’s channel or visit his Instagram and look out for new video posts every Friday at 9pm.

• Watch Robert's abridged interpretation of Guns N' Roses' Patience:

Published: 22/05/2020

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