Georgetown University Exchange

Georgetown University

Georgetown UniversityThe exchange programme with Georgetown University started in 2017 to enable undergraduate students to attend a summer session at Georgetown University. The scheme was initially established with a donation from the Annual Fund, a fund generated through the financial support of Johnians in order to support new and innovative projects.

During the summer months, Georgetown University becomes home to international students from around the world. The campus is situated in a beautiful, historic neighbourhood of Washington, D.C., giving international students the unique opportunity to fully engage in and experience the rich culture and diversity of the US capital.

At Georgetown, St John's students will have the opportunity to engage with former diplomats, public health officials, economists, scientists, and experts across a wide breadth of professions. They will also be invited to take part in extracurricular events and cultural activities.

Programme Details

Dates 2020

5 July - 8 August 2020


The students will be enrolled as full-time students and will have to choose two three-credit summer session undergraduate level courses (for a total of six academic credits).

In order to view the full list of undergraduate summer courses which are available at Georgetown University, please click here and select the 'Main Second Session' from the drop-down menu.


Undergraduate students from all year groups (including finalists) and across all subjects are invited to apply. The selection is done on the basis of academic excellence and the successful applicants are the ones who are expected to benefit more from the exchange programme.

Costs covered
  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Travel / Insurance / Visa costs
  • A maintenance grant to cover meals and living expenses



All exchange students are required to participate in the exchange activities organised by Georgetown University, unless it is clearly stated that participation is optional.

Application Procedure

The Georgetown Exchange is usually advertised to students in November with a deadline in December. The exact dates will be posted on this webpage closer to the date and a relevant announcement will be made by Student Services.

Students who wish to apply will be asked to also attach: (i) a basic CV, and (ii) a personal statement, underlying which of the courses they would be interested in and how they feel that the exchange would benefit their academic and personal development.

Student Services would be happy to respond to informal enquiries and requests for information.

The successful candidates will be notified at the end of January.


Georgetown exchange"The Georgetown Exchange was a fascinating and highly rewarding experience that allowed me to interact with other fellow students from many different cultures and backgrounds, undertaking numerous collective projects where we mutually influenced each other and questioned some personal beliefs we had always taken for granted. I studied two courses, filmmaking and public speaking. The first allowed me to collaborate with students from the United States and China, making short films and other cinematographic projects for which I wrote film scores and scripts, thus applying the knowledge gained from my studies at Cambridge. I also attended a film networking event in Washington and had interviews with professionals from the film industry during a short trip to New York City. And the second course helped me improve my communication skills through a series of group and individual presentations, debates, job interviews, Shakespearean monologues, and meditation exercises. As a result, this course contributed to break the barriers of shyness by making me interact, collaborate, and communicate with an extremely diverse and multicultural student community, coming from the United States, China, and Australia. Both of these courses will be hugely beneficial for my academic commitments, upcoming postgraduate applications, and future job interviews, without forgetting my day-to-day interactions and personal development. I will always remember this exchange programme, the people I met, and the numerous experiences we shared, as one of the most special and meaningful episodes of my education."

Ignacio Mañá Mesas, Music student at St John's