The College

St John’s College currently takes up to 15 undergraduates each year to read Engineering: about one tenth of our total numbers. They come from a wide variety of schools and backgrounds, from all parts of the UK and abroad, and form a friendly and supportive group.

We have twelve teaching Fellows whose collective expertise covers a broad scope, and who are responsible for supervising our first and second-year students for most of their courses. Third-year and fourth-year supervisions are arranged on a University-wide basis but, given our size, the likelihood of being supervised during the third and fourth year by one of our Teaching Fellows is high.

The College provides excellent facilities for those reading the subject to support the lectures and laboratory work arranged by the University Department of Engineering. The College Library is well stocked, and there are generous book grants available to all undergraduate students. St John’s has a thriving College Engineering Society (known as the Parsons Society) and Engineers invariably make a major contribution to all aspects of College life.

Subject Video

Engineering Subject Video
A short introduction to the Engineering Tripos at St John's College, filmed for St John's September Open Days 2020. Featuring our Director of Studies Dr Andy Wheeler and current student Candela.

Entry Details

UCAS Code: H100

Typical Minimum Entry Requirements

A Level: A*A*A

International Baccalaureate: 42 points, with 776 at Higher Level

Essential Subjects: A Level Mathematics/IB Higher Level Mathematics (Analysis and Approaches) and Physics

Desirable Subjects: A Level/IB Further Maths

Submitted Work: None

Admissions Assessments (pre-registration required): Applicants for Engineering will need to sit the Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT) in mid-October as part of the application to the University. Further information here



You must register for pre-interview assessments so please do review this information carefully.

Application to St John’s

Applicants apply for Engineering from a wide spectrum of educational backgrounds. If you are following a non A-level curriculum, the Undergraduate Admissions Office can be contacted for advice  on

Advice on choice of Mathematics modules for engineering can be found on the Engineering Department’s website.

Admissions Interviews

St John's applicants are typically given one or two interviews, with a total interview time of approximately 40 to 45 minutes. There will be two interviewers present at each interview. During the interview(s), candidates will be asked to solve a mixture of problems under the supervision of the interviewers. One of these problems will be sent to the candidate so they can prepare a solution prior to the interview. Other problems will be presented for the first time in the interview.

Further information regarding interview dates and arrangements can be found here.


Directors of Studies
Professor Andrew Wheeler - Engineering (Part IA) for Michaelmas and Lent 2023-2024

Dr Seita - Engineering (Part IA) for Easter term 2023-2024






Professor Hannah Joyce - Engineering (Part IB) - on leave 2023-24, covered by Professor Tom Hynes (Michaelmas), Professor Janet Lees (Lent & Easter)

Professor Hannah Joyce
Professor Michael De Volder - Engineering (Part IIA and Part IIB) - on leave for Michaelmas & Lent 2023-24, covered by Dr Matteo Seita (Michaelmas), Professor Duncan McFarlane (Lent)

 Professor Michael F L De Volder



Further Information

Further Information

The University Engineering Department publishes a booklet entitled Undergraduate Engineering at Cambridge University, which gives fuller details of the Engineering Tripos and related courses. Details of the Department's Open Day may be obtained from the Teaching Office, Engineering Department, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, tel: 01223 332625, or by email to:  No advance booking is necessary. You can also visit the Engineering Department web site at

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