St John's College News

  1. College Lectorship in French

    College Lectorship in French
    Applications are invited for the post of College Lector in French tenable for a year from 1 October 2006 with the possibility of reneval for a further year. Closing date for applications is 15 January more
  2. Caltech Exchange Programme

    Caltech Exchange Programme
    The Caltech Exchange Programme has now been advertised. Closing date Wednesday, November 16th more
  3. Old Library awarded Designated Status

    Old Library awarded Designated Status
    The Old Library of St John's College has been awarded Designated Status by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council. The Designation scheme has for some years been open to non-national Museums in England, but in 2005, for the first time, libraries and archives have been eligible to apply. Collections in just twenty-eight libraries and archives have been awarded Designated status.  The only…read more
  4. London Drinks Reception, 12 December

    London Drinks Reception, 12 December
    Johnians living in London and the Home Counties have been invited to join the Master, Professor Richard Perham and Dr Nancy Lane Perham for drinks at Goodenough College on Monday 12 December 2005.  Goodenough College is located in, Mecklenburgh Square, London, WC1N 2AB. The cost of the reception is £25.00 per person, including wine and canapes, and you are welcome to bring a guest.  Drinks will…read more
  5. Kenneth Craik Lecture

    Kenneth Craik Lecture
    The annual Kenneth Craik Lecture takes place on Monday 14 November from 3.00pm in Physiology Lecture Theatre 1 on the Downing Site. This year there will be lectures by Professor Patricia Kuhl and Professor Andrew Meltzoff, Co-Directors of the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. Professor Kuhl will give a lecture entitled'˜Language and Brain' from 3.00pm to 4.30pm…read more
  6. Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign

    Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign
    The University of Cambridge was established in 1209.  For almost 800 years, the University and its Colleges have provided education, scholarship and research at the very highest level. The Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign celebrates this remarkable history and seeks to raise £1 billion to help secure Cambridge's edge in excellence for the future. If you would like more information about the…read more
  7. Elections to Fellowships, 2005

    Elections to Fellowships, 2005
    Elections to Fellowship under Title A (Research Fellowships) Mr Iain Burns was elected to a Research Fellowship from 1 October 2005, for research in Chemical Engineering.  He graduated from the University of Strathclyde with an MEng in 2002 and since then has been working towards his PhD on 'A Sensor for Combustion Thermometry based on Blue Diode Lasers' in the Department of Chemical Engineering…read more
  8. Departures from the Fellowship 2004-2005

    Departures from the Fellowship 2004-2005
    Dr Mark Carrington, College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Natural Sciences, continues to hold the post of University Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry.  Dr Santanu Das, Research Fellow in English Literature, left at the end of the Lent Term to take up a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary College, University of London. Dr Ingo Kleppe,…read more
  9. Students run the Berlin Marathon for charity

    Students run the Berlin Marathon for charity
    Graduate students run Berlin Marathon for charity On Sunday 25 September, several members of the SBR -- Frank Scheibe, Nic Ross, Paul McFadden and David Conlon -- will undertake the gruelling 42.2 km Berlin Marathon, accompanied by their entourage of supporters -- Ros Crone, Gemma Thomas and Liisa van Vliet. To give some purpose to their insanity, they have decided to use this opportunity to…read more
  10. Dr Ken Budden dies, aged 90

    Dr Ken Budden dies, aged 90
    Kenneth George Budden, MA, PhD, FRS, Fellow of St John's College 1947-2005 and Emeritus Reader in Physics, died on 4 September 2005, aged more
  11. Fellow awarded Knighthood in Honours List

    Fellow awarded Knighthood in Honours List
    Professor Jack Goody, Fellow of St John's since 1961, has been awarded a Knighthood in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to social more
  12. LMBC organise Cambridge Channel Challenge

    LMBC organise Cambridge Channel Challenge
    Cambridge Channel Challenge, 20 June 2005 The inaugural Cambridge Channel Challenge was launched in December 2004 and has been organised by members of the LMBC. It will take place from 20th June 2005. The challenging race will start at Shakespeare Beach in Dover and will finish when the rower steps onto French sand, after 5 hours of intense rowing. The race, which is between half-a-dozen boats…read more
  13. St John's College elects new Senior Bursar

    St John's College elects new Senior Bursar
    St John's College has elected Chris Ewbank, 43, as Fellow and Senior Bursar from 18 April 2005. Chris took his BA at St John's in 1984, reading Part I History and Part II Law. Chris Ewbank has most recently been Chief Operating Officer of Rothschild's Asian Investment banking in Hong Kong, having joined Rothchild in 2000. Prior to that, he was an investment banker for Schroders in London,…read more
  14. Fellow wins prestigious Dan David Prize

    Fellow wins prestigious Dan David Prize
    The Dan David Prize Board has announced that the $1,000,000 Dan David 2005 Prize for achievements in the past category has been awarded jointly to Professor Yisrael Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University and Professor Graeme Barker FBA, Disney Professor of Archaeology in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College. The citation reads that "[Professor Barker], a leading European and…read more
  15. Professor Ernest Frederick Gale dies, aged 90

    Professor Ernest Frederick Gale dies, aged 90
    GALE, Professor Ernest Frederick, BA, PhD, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Microbiology, Fellow of St John's College 1941-44, 1949-88, died on 7 March 2005, aged more
  16. Dr Xander Monro dies, aged 86

    Dr Xander Monro dies, aged 86
    MONRO, Dr Peter Alexander George, MA, MSc (London), MB, BChir, MD, University Lecturer in Anatomy, 1955-1982, Fellow of St John's College, 1966-1986, died on 9 March 2005, aged more
  17. College Open Afternoons

    College Open Afternoons
    Our web area has now been updated to include information on our Open Afternoons this year: these will take place on 29 June and 1 July. Individuals are now able to check out the programme and submit an online booking in the main Open Days section, and teachers organising school parties will find a separate booking form in the Teachers section. The deadline for booking a place at an Open Afternoon…read more
  18. Register of Twentieth-Century Johnians

    Register of Twentieth-Century Johnians
    Register of Twentieth-Century Johnians The Register of Twentieth-Century Johnians, Volume I, has been published. The book, which contains entries for all Johnians who were admitted to the College between 1900 and 1949, is available to purchase through the Johnian Office for £30.00 (plus £6.00 p&p within the UK, £10.00 overseas). Please contact the Biographical Assistant, Fiona Colbert, if you…read more
  19. Elections to Fellowships, 2004

    Elections to Fellowships, 2004
    Elections to Fellowships, 2004 Elections to Fellowship under Title A (Research Fellowships) Dr Sarah Houghton was elected to a Research Fellowship from 1 October 2004, for research in English.  She graduated from St John's with a BA in 1999, was awarded an MPhil in 2000, and a PhD in 2004.  Her PhD thesis was entitled 'The Faith and Theodicy of John Clare'. During the course of her tenure she…read more
  20. Deadline for Scholarship Competition

    Deadline for Scholarship Competition
    Don't forget that the closing date of the Benefactors' Scholarships Competition is 1 May more
  21. Departures from the Fellowship

    Departures from the Fellowship
    Departures from the Fellowship 2003-2004  Dr Gavin Mark Bierman, College Lecturer, Director of Studies and University Lecturer in Computer Science, left at the end of the Lent Term to become a full time researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Mr Stephen Butterfill, Research Fellow in Philosophy, is now a Research Fellow on the AHRB Project on Causal Understanding at the Department of…read more
  22. Honorary Fellow has died

    Honorary Fellow has died
    Professor Maurice Wilkins, Honorary Fellow of the College, has died, aged 87 Professor Maurice Wilkins, CBE, MA, PhD (Birmingham), FRS, Honorary Fellow of the College since 1972, Emeritus Professor of Biophysics, King's College London and joint winner, with Francis Crick and James Watson, of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962, died on Tuesday 5 October 2004, aged more
  23. It's Application Time...

    It's Application Time...
    DON'T FORGET!!! Friday 15 October is the next important date on the Admissions Calendar.  If you are applying to Cambridge in general - and St John's College in particular - please ensure that we receive your Cambridge Application Form no later than Friday 15 October. Here in the Admissions office we are clearing our desks and waiting for the many applications to start pouring in.  Based on past…read more